Bosco Delrey – Lovely Sleepy Dead

On DIPLO’s Mad Decent label, Bosco Delrey are from across the pond and another band I probably should have heard of by now – especially as their MySpace profile was created in 2005. I don’t think they are any relation to Lana of a similar sounding second name – if you were wondering. Not entirely sure where to begin in describing them musically so I’ll hand you over to Last FM’s biography page that describes it as:

“bedroom soul hooks and dancehall reggae basslines anchored down by solid songwriting and lyrics”

Yeah. Couldn’t have put it better :-|. Anyway have a listen, I think they are rather brilliant, this track ‘Lovely Sleepy Dead’ is off the Everybody Wah album. You can grab it off Amazon, there is only one copy left, but sure you can get it elsewhere. They are on Facebook too.

Another great track off the same album – “Baby’s got a blue flame”

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